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Civil Engineer Surveying


We offer a wide variety of surveying services, which are detailed below. If you are looking to inquire about a service not listed, or if you are unsure what kind of service you need, please contact us.

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ALTA / NSPS Land Title Surveys

Boundary Surveying

Recombination Surveying

Easement Surveying

Family Farm Divisions

Legal Descriptions

Route Surveying

NC Department of Transportation

Approved Sub-Consultant


Topographic Surveying

Existing Conditions Surveying

Architectural Design Surveying

Utility Location

Construction Staking

Stormwater As-Built Surveying

Subdivision Planning & Mapping


Wetland Delineation Surveying

CAMA Surveying

Hydrographic Surveying

Bathymetric Surveying

Elevation Certificates

LOMA Applications

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